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Best. Chocolate. Ever.

I need you to understand that I have been keeping something to myself. It’s been, let’s say, a secret of mine which makes the following delectable treats from my kitchen mysteriously and undeniably the best. Well, I think it’s time to share:

High fat cocoa. It’s a richer, more fudge-like, chocolaty flavor for your baking and holiday entertaining.

This is much different than the Hershey’s cocoa you find at the grocery store. Even the fair trade brands you find in grocery stores do not compete.

Whether you are boosting up a box cake or brownie recipe with extra chocolate flavor, making a beautiful chocolate cake from scratch, or even making yourself a tall glass of chocolate milk for one.

Your life will be changed as mine was.

Here are some great brands to try for your holiday baking:

Droste dutched cocoa

Penzeys High Fat Dutch Process Cocoa

Guittard Dutch Process Cocoa

Valrhona Cocoa Powder

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My mom taught me how to make my own glass of chocolate milk when I was a kid. She would take a glass that was pretty hefty, like a pint glass, and put a tablespoon of cocoa powder in the bottom. Then she would put about a tablespoon of very hot or boiling water on the cocoa and stir it together. I later learned this is called “blooming” the cocoa. Then while the mixture is still warm, she would add some sugar and stir it in for the sweetness. After that she would pour in the ice cold milk. It was a powerful chocolaty treat. 🙂



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