winter hygge fika

Do winter like a champ.

This year, I’m doing winter differently. I made a promise to myself that I am going to be in the sun even though it’s cold. If I am stuck indoors, I’m going to do things I like. In other words, I am not going to be conquered by this annual visit of darkness induced seasonal affective disorder that so many of us deal with.

So in honor of my peace treaty with winter, here are a few items on my list that may help you or your sun-loving companions to smile through the long winter’s eve.

  1. A sun lamp! By god. If you need the sun, you get the sun! Plug this thing in, get naked, and go wild!
  2. Hygge. Pronounced (hoo-gah), this scandinavian idea embraces the going inside that winter brings. It invites us to shrink our universe, invest in and enjoy our home surroundings, and create quiet moments alone or with close friends, and beautiful snacks (featured in the beautiful cover art). Hygge says to us that winter is not a time for building bridges and conquering horizons, but, as nature lies dormant that we too can embrace the calm quiet of simple pleasures in the winter months.
  3. Are you cold? Don’t be cold! Sometimes I feel like I’m winning when I’m out in the cold and not feeling cold. Here is a list of items to warm you up. 
  4. Refresh your pillows. Take this moment to invest in comfortable sleep. These best rated options have been rigorously tested for your convenience.
  5. While we are at it, consider a new mattress! Maybe you have been sleeping on this one for years and years. Get a new Casper mattress delivered to your door.
  6. Organize yourself for spring. If you know you are making home improvements in the springtime, use your winter hibernation to plan your project with this handy home repair organizer.
  7. Watch new shows. Amazon Prime has a great new comedy called The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. A laugh or two can cheer up the darkest day.
  8.  Start a new skin care regimen. Winter months are so dry and hard on our skin, show your face some love with Paula’s Choice Skin Recovery Kit.
  9. Soak that body! Dr. Teal’s mineral salts will make bathtime your favorite time.
  10. Since we’re in the bathroom, let’s spruce the place up a bit with a towel warmer.


I hope these ideas help you and your friends warm up on a cold day. Don’t feel guilty! Just stay inside like the groundhog until spring.

Note on the cover photo: I took this photograph of an mesmerising book I purchased. You can purchase the book here.

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