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Last Minute Gifts 2017

Little known fact about my household: My husband and I, who have known each other since we were 14 years old, and have been married for nearly 15 years, have probably viewed the Weird Al Yankovic movie UHF a ridiculous amount of times. No week goes by where an observance from mild to moderate significance can’t elicit a timely and appropriate reference to this, I’d say, classic.

So, because I love you, I’ll share my reference with you today.

last minute, uhf, stanley spadowski, gifs
“A lot of you wanted to wait until the last minute. THIS IS THE LAST MINUTE!” – Stanley Spadowski

Here is a collection of last minute gift ideas for a cross-section of your favorite people:

  1. Super practical. Never regretted. BATTERIES.
  2. For doers, dreamers, and makers, this book The Art of Getting Started dissolves the inner gridlock and releases smiles, momentum, and the joy of creating.
  3. Again, for doers and makers, consider using this list for woodworking equipment if space and finances permit. Last year I gifted several of these items to my husband and this year, he built me an entire chunky farmhouse table. He is currently in the garage (now his workshop) putting together some of this year’s gifts with our little guy. ( keep scrolling after the picture of our son’s first miter saw cut #proud.)

woodworking, kids, teach, ear protection, safety glasses, quality time

  1. For your beloved: Dancing lessons. You’ll have to think locally on this one, but learning to waltz or western swing can take your partnership to an entirely new level. Grab a package of a few lessons at a local studio.
  2. A Philips Sonicare Toothbrush. Dental hygiene is always nice. Though I’m sure there are exceptions, be sure you give this gift to people you’re related to. It kind of makes me laugh a little if otherwise. But laughing is fun, so…
  3. Let’s Quest! In our extended family, neighborhood, and at work, Dungeons and Dragons has been so much fun this year! From teens to young at heart thirty and forty-somethings, a DnD starter kit may be just the gift.
  4. Thing Explainer is an enchanting book for curious minds. Great for curious young people, or anyone who just never stopped to ask themselves how things work. I would imagine this a welcome book for teachers’ classrooms as well.
  5. Original Hamilton soundtrack and desk stereo. The world fell in love with Hamilton and it is still magical. You have someone in your life who would love this gift set!
  6. This home Podcast Studio for your loved one with conversation to share. This is another item that could be welcome in a teacher’s classroom.
  7. This has shown up on another list, but I think it’s a great gift: The Nylon Parachute Hammock. We all need to chill out more!
  8. Echo dot is a great household gift allowing people to execute a variety of commands including playing music from their Spotify account and placing orders from their Amazon account.
  9. Nintendo Switch with Super Mario Odyssey makes a great family gift.
  10. If time is too tight for you, an Amazon Gift Card is always helpful! Did you know you can text these to people??

Best of luck to you on your shopping goals!

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