2017 Gifts for Very Young Children

These gifts will bring magic to your tiniest people all year round ages approximately 2-5. They focus on promoting bonding time, facilitating curiosity, and exploring the world around us.

In our family, we subscribe to Self Directed Education and Unschooling, and our son attends an Agile Learning Center. This impacts the choices of gifts we love because we strive to build en environment where children can grow their strengths in an organic fashion. We really think this makes gifts more fun. I invite you to review this list and see if any of these ideas spark your own inner child.

  1. 1,000 Things in Nature The Usborne 1,000 things books are amazing. Our son absolutely used his 1,000 things that go book until it was lovingly tattered and torn.
  2. Their own cooking set for projects in the kitchen. Large mixing bowl, wooden spoon for stirring, silicone whisk, cute measuring cups and spoons, and apron for children, along with a First Cookbook by Usborne.
  3. All About Today Calendar Board to visually show your schedule and intentions for the day. Visual schedules are popular in reducing children’s uncertainty around transitions. If you are working for a self directed approach, children may use this calendar to share with you what their plans are so you can help facilitate them.
  4. Melissa and Doug Scissor Skills and Tape Set
  5. Green Toys Submarine
  6. Wild Baby Wooden Balance Bike
  7. VTech Camera
  8. Little Cooperation Game
  9. The Swurfer Original Tree Swing
  10. Green Toys Trucks
  11. Micro Flashlight that looks like a bug
  12. Window markers for creations on glass that wipe away with a damp cloth
  13. Work bench for water and sand
  14. Tents for cozy hideaways
  15. See these other posts for more ideas: Gifts for Nature Children

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