Fight Club Book Club Enamel Pin

Stocking Stuffers 2017!

Stocking stuffers are so much fun because they’re small and delightful! They are fun to give and to receive and, somehow there is less pressure on them so you can have more fun with them.

Here are some great finds for stuffing your stockings this year:

  1. Writers, librarians, lit teachers, and book lovers will love these enamel pins from The Marisa Mohi Shop
  2. Cute, small, and sharp, this little Ken Kershaw Scallion pocket knife is so handy for everyday use. It makes a welcome and unexpected gift for young moms, too.
  3. A new water bottle. For some, these get pretty high usage. My FAVORITE water bottle I ever received was a stocking gift from my mother-in-law. It was enjoyed, and used up, after a year. (well, I probably didn’t help things the time I stored carbonated Topo Chico water in it. I nearly accidentally made a bomb. The sound it made in the middle of the night was quite robust, and the shade I got from my husband was forreal.)
  4. Ornaments are something we have always received in our stockings. This Groot ornament from Hallmark would be a great choice for your Guardians of the Galaxy fan.
  5. Along the same lines as the pocket knife, a multi-tool is always welcome for back pack or as part of a car safety kit.
  6. Stockings are all about the fabulous candy and treats you can add in them. For your grown up stocking, try some tiny treats from See’s Candies.See's Candy giftcard
  7. When I was growing up, my grandmother was an Avon Lady, and I kid you not, the lip balm smorgasbord that was in my stocking was to die for. For kids, and the young at heart, grab those delectable flavors. For adults, give us a 4 pack of Burt’s Bees!
  8. Commemorative Pez Dispensers are fun, childlike, and tasty for all ages.

These will make for a great stocking! What have been your favorites? Tell us in the comments.

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