best gifts cold weather merino wool socks

Best gifts for your cold friend

Folks. The time changed, the sky darkened, and the air became chilly. A vast swathe of Americans just became perpetually cold and sleepy for the next six months.

Let’s turn that frown upside down! There is so much fun to have wearing warm things during this time of hibernation.

Here are some great gifts for your friend or loved one who keeps that thermostat on 76.

  • Smartwool gloves: These best rated gloves are favorites among winter runners and work with touch screens. So when cold friend HAS to be outside, these gloves will come in handy. Also, all the rest of the time as well.
  • Zojirushi insulated stainless steel mug: Your cold friend needs something piping hot to drink at all times. This thing will be piping hot into the next day!
  • Electric blanket: Let’s not pretend. When your cold friend is sitting on their couch watching Netflix, they need this electric blanket on their legs, over their quilt they already have. Full blast.
  •  Underarmour ColdGear tops and bottoms will be a great base layer to protect from the icy frozen fingers that put the f in February.
  • Space heater: It will be fun for all to see the ways in which your cold friend finds to use this! #flipabreaker #blowafuse
  • North Face polar jacket: Serious outdoor warmth.
  • Smartwool socks and (cuuuuuute!) hat: Keep the heat in and the cold out!
  • Ugg boots: Oh that wool. So warm.

Now. You and your cold friend will be fully armored until springtime. 😀

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