Instant Pot Duo

Gifts of Friendship and Love this Week

One of my favorite things about autumn and the fall season is how some relationships take on this wonderful expression of creativity through nurturing.

Cooler temperatures and the sounds and smells of bracing air and turning leaves come with sweet treats from friends, Sunday dinners with nice wine, and experiences which become lasting memories.

Here are a few of my experiences from this week:

  1. My friend Paula tried two new recipes and shared the fruits of her labor with my family. The first was homemade caramels wrapped individually in parchment paper, and the second gift was some beautiful homemade marshmallows. This candy thermometer will come in handy if you want to try homemaking these fun items. Paula suggests mix a caramel and a marshmallow in your hot chocolate.
  2. This past weekend, I spent time with some girlfriends on a trip without kids or husbands, or dogs, and we simply visited! We went out into the full moon and even crept into the hotel hot tub after dark (look out, people!!). One of the things we like to do is bring and steep our own hot tea and drink it with some maple syrup. We plugged in our electric tea kettle right in the hotel room. If you didn’t know, tea goes great with long girl talks.
  3. Yesterday, I embarked on the day-long process of making my own homemade yogurt in my instant pot. Oh you guys. It is so naturally sweet and mild. This morning, I used the yogurt instead of milk to make morning pancakes for Jackson.
  4. My yoga mat has also been my friend this week. Stretching and strengthening helps me navigate my day with more peace and gratitude. For fall, I also recommend this body oil as part of your self care routine.
  5.  This week I also scheduled an upcoming Sunday supper with Matt’s cousins and I am really looking forward to making beef bourguinon in my Le Creuset enameled dutch oven. If Le Creuset is difficult to come by, there are great alternatives to be found like this one by cast the iron experts at Lodge. Their family is bringing the wine, and we will have a wonderful time of sitting on the couch and visiting.

Here are a few of the recipes from this week I either made or received if you would like to try some out:

Instant Pot DuoHomemade caramels

Homemade marshmallows

Instant Pot Yogurt

Beef bourguinon



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