Best Magically Maple Gifts

Maple is that sweet, round flavor that elevates your blueberry pancakes, your coffee, your tea, and even your doughnut to a whole new dimension. This autumn, maple is really showing out in foods and flavors.

Perhaps you have a far-a-way friend, or an adult child living in another city starting the season on her own for the first time. A maple care package can add warmth and depth to enjoying the fall season.

  1. Organic Maple Syrup Darker is usually agreed to be better. This example is not the darkest, but is a good “all around” maple syrup.
  2. Maple and Pepper Beef Jerky
  3. Take a Hike Candle by OKcollective scented with lovely spicy flavors to complement your maple obsession.
  4. Sees Candies Maple Cashew Brittle
  5. Maple Apple Cider Tea
  6. Pancake mix
  7. Cast iron griddle for those amazing pancakes
  8. 100 Maple Recipes book
  9. Maple leaf pendent
  10. Maple leaf cozy socks

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