autumn, fall

Best gifts for welcoming autumn

You can almost hear the collective sigh of relief when we’ve all made it through the stifling summer heat and can gleefully welcome cooler temperatures, not to mention those turning leaves!

Now is the time to give joy and delight to people who crave that sweet sweet autumn air.

  1. A best rated picnic blanket for enjoying outdoor festivals and concerts
  2. A portable hammock for lounging in the park or on campus
  3. An insulated travel mug – you know, for those pumpkin spiced lattes
  4. Spiced chai for the new mug
  5. An autumn wreath
  6. Caramel popcorn from Garretts
  7. New touch screen gloves
  8. A really great pumpkin pie candle
  9. Ubiquitous fall movies like Planes, Trains, and Automobiles; or Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone
  10. For all of those amazing autumn soups and stews? Nothing is better than an Instant Pot
  11. For more autumnal bliss, check out our gift list for people who love whiskey.

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