How to view the solar eclipse

Entertaining: Have a Solar Eclipse party

Move over sun! It is the moon’s time to shine.

On August 21st, 2017, most of the nation will be able to view a full or a partial solar eclipse. Consider marking the occasion with a solar eclipse party, or send a great care package to faraway family friends enjoying the phenomenon.

This gifts and links will help add to the enjoyment of the day.

  1. How to view the solar eclipse: Be careful. Even if the sun is dark, looking directly at the eclipse is dangerous. Get free solar eclipse glasses at libraries across America. Or buy your own.
  2. Ladyhawke on Bluray – A day without a night an a night without a day.
  3. Half-moon snack skewers
  4. To the moon and back party set
  5. Moon platter Consider serving sun and moon eclipse crackers with cheese. You know. Because the moon is made of cheese.
  6. Moon pies
  7. Space table cloth
  8. Star balloons
  9. Twinkly lights
  10. Consider playing the BrainsOn Solar Eclipse Podcast Episode for kids
  11. Delores Claiborn by Stephen King for a creepy read to help you get into the spirit of the solar eclipse

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