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2018 New Year’s Resolution Gifts

When a friend or loved one embarks on a journey for a healthy lifestyle, your care package can reinforce their goals and bring motivation. Let’s be honest. Sometimes the loved one who needs this gift is YOU! Here’s to a vibrant 2018.

  1. Sneaker deodorizers
  2. Water wicking socks
  3. Water bottle
  4. Bluetooth earbuds
  5. Fitness tracker (best rated Garmin Vivosmart HR)
  6. Spotify music subscription, or Audible membership for workout tunes or audio books
  7. New yoga mat, blocks, and strap
  8. A gift certificate for a pedicure to soothe feet post-workout. This might take a little research to find a shop nearby.
  9. Workout apparel and sneakers might be tough to buy for another person, but if you think you’ve got it, choose something special. Popular brands are Lululemon and Stussy.
  10. Smartphone workout arm band
  11. Cool new workout bag
  12. Meal subscriptions like Blue Apron and The Purple Carrot are great gifts for reinforcing your friend’s goals and giving them more brain space for this new health focus.


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