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The post that started it all…

I wouldn’t say at all that I am a good gift giver. I feel something on the awkwardness scale akin to shame when the time for opening gifts is upon us. I send my husband to find gifts for my son’s friends’ parties. I shrink backward when my un-remarkable gift is unveiled.

However, the magic of gift giving is not lost on me. I absolutely love how lavish and abundant it all is. I watch with awe when true talents whip their skill into a package of variety, risk, and pure bliss. My eyes are wide when I see people make the ordinary into a piece of joy wrapped in ribbon. As the recipient of many perfect gifts over the years, I have known there is a set of skills. But what are they?

For myself, I don’t enjoy shopping very much. I prefer to press a microphone icon on my smartphone and ask Google to search the web for my queries. I have even shouted “hungry” into this poor defenseless receiver before.

But great gift givers aren’t like that. They plan and coax ideas into gifts. They observe and secret their plans away. They bundle and balloon items into happiness. They shop.

Where then, is the hope for average gift givers, like me, to become great gift givers? It came to me one Christmas when I planned to buy woodworking tools for my husband. I texted my nephew, who had begun working on projects with wood and was doing great things with his collection. He texted me back. He was happy to help! He sent me three links for products I would need, a YouTube video on safety, and a Pinterest link for a first project. I was finished shopping, with shipping to my door, in the time it took me to complete the transactions. And it was the best gift I have given in my life. My husband was completely surprised, and I was super proud of myself.

I think we need lists. We need links. We need someone to have scoured the web for us, to save time and energy, but still delight our loved ones. So, I created It’s part list, part blog, part stream of consciousness. I will share with you my notes as I do homework on gift-giving advice, lists and links based on interests and occasions, and even coaching on what to write in cards.

I invite you to receive the fruits of my labor. I also invite you to be a part of this community; to help me to become better when I need to know.

This was the post that started it all.Ā cute wrapping paper

“Come with us now on a journey through time and space.” – The Mighty Boosh


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