Teacher Appreciation Gift

Teacher Gifts

Gift Ideas Office Supplies Kate SpadeDo yourself a favor. Order these gifts as soon as the school year begins, that way, for holidays, end of school year, and teacher appreciation week, you will be prepared with no need to panic. You may consider purchasing multiples of each gift so you can give several teachers gifts at the same time, or even give customized care packages by breaking up a few of these and making several gift bags.

  1. Not sure what to get? Buy an Amazon Gift Card.
  2. First, the packaging: Gift Boxes
  3. Olivetti Pattern Notecards and Envelopes
  4. Earbuds (Best sound for the money)
  5. Page nibs
  6. Pi sign cufflinks or earrings (for the mathematics teacher)
  7. Craft tea and tea maker
  8. Rifle Paper Co Deskpad
  9. File Folders by Rifle Paper Co
  10. Kate Spade Pencil Holder
  11. Phys Ed: Barbells and Weights Poster or Visual Compendium of Basketball Jerseys from Pop Chart Lab
  12. Planters, some cactus soil, and a big jade plant
  13. Rifle Paper Co pencils
  14. Science teacher: Vacation Guide to the Solar System
  15. Themed adult coloring book and colored pencils
  16. BKLN Bento Lunch box and insulated bag
  17. USB Drive
  18. Candy as gifts or to add to gifts

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