Summer Activities Kids

Summer Adventure Kit for Kids

Cool handles Summer Activities KidsIf you have given the gift of the Summer Creations Kit for Kids, then your family with kids is well taken care of for summer days that are too hot, too stormy, or otherwise better indoors.

All kids know that summer is going to be magical, the Summer Adventure Kit for Kids totally affirms and reinforces what they know and provides great items in their hands to make it amazing.

Here are some truly indispensable items to choose from to help your kiddos enjoy the outdoors this summer.

  1. Summer backpacks for each kid – lightweight and different from their school backpacks. Ropper Lightweight Canvas Cute Pattern Kids School Backpack,15″ (Pink-Elephant)The secret side effect for parents when you make this a part of your kit is that you have empowered the kids to carry some of their own gear on summer outings rather than rely on overworked parents or caregivers to carry all!
  2. Season passes to area parks, zoos, or museums. This will require a bit of research, but will provide a welcome activity all year long.
  3. Water bottles for each child. Encourage them to stay hydrated with their new water bottle. Cool handles make it easier to carry.
  4. Bug observation kit: Catch and release fireflies, spiders, rolly pollies, and other treasures found in the forest.
  5. Sunglasses or stylish hat
  6. Clif Organic Z bars for kids to have a snack in their backpack
  7. Activity idea: Have the kiddos take photos on a photo scavenger hunt, send them to you, and a future gift might be a print or coffee coasters of their masterpieces.
  8. BONUS for moms and dads: Soft-sided insulated cool bag for lunches and snacks on the go.

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