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Gift Ideas for the Home Brewer

Craft Beer Pacific NorthwestMost hobbies become so specialized that it can be difficult to find a way to give a great gift. Home brewing is no different. While every person’s expression of this hobby is unique, there are a few gifts that are sure to bring a smile.

  1. Half-pint glasses: Most brewers don’t think to get this for themselves, but it really is a helpful glass to use for testing brews in a large group.
  2. Swing top glass beer bottles: Always buy “amber” never green or clear
  3. Beer Types Poster: Pop Chart Lab makes informative posters as a go to for most special interest from coffee to whiskey, the taxonomy of birds, and even an origin of rap names. Thankfully they have a few for beer that are sure to delight your home brewer.
  4. Growlers: We are seeing some really interesting growlers on the market. Glass amber growlers are large bottles that customers can take to a bar to get them filled. This is still a great way to use a growler, but we are now seeing them in stainless steel with insulation for temperature control; great for a camping trip or a music festival.
  5. Wall mounted beer opener: Your brewer likely has this already, but can always find a new place to install another one! They even have them with the convenience of a bottle cap catcher!
  6. Beer chalice set: Belgian styles and finer brews are served in goblets much in the same way wine glasses are designed to enhance aroma and flavor. If you notice your brewer becoming more masterful in their craft or talking about “fine” beers, or focusing on precision flavor management, they may appreciate a set of goblets.
  7. Kegerator: A kegerator is a refrigerated keg that has a tap. Even if your brewer has one already, and assuming they have the space, a kegerator allows a brewmaster to brew multiple recipes at the same time.
  8. Beer of the Month Club: Consider gifting a few months of a beer of the month subscription which will deliver beers to your brewers door. Here are a few to consider.
  9. Brewery tour near your brewer: This one takes some research, but a gift certificate for a tasting tour and snacks can be a great gift.
  10. Consider giving a cool cookbook if your brewer has a parallel interest in, say, grilling. Franklin Barbecue is a good option for 2017.

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