Birthday gift ideas

Care Package: The Birthday Box

See's Candy giftcardLiving apart can present new challenges to old connections. Sometimes distance makes celebrating face-to-face impractical and less frequent. A birthday box is a fantastic way to bring joy to your friends and loved ones when you can’t celebrate together. Use these links to assemble your own and ship it, or have it shipped as a gift!

  1. HannahMax Cookie Chips
  2. Birthday party set
  3. Birthday bunting banner
  4. Party poppers
  5. Balloons: Special packing idea! Put (read: smoosh) small gifts inside balloons and blow them up so they have to be “popped” to open them.
  6. Restaurant gift cards so they can go out for their birthday and treat their friends
  7. A card from you
  8. Birthday candles
  9. Fun magnets
  10. Birthday gift from you – maybe a Good Luck Charm for the new year



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