Whiskey Old Fashioned

Whiskey Enthusiast

We have all lived through the rise of craft beer culture, and right on its heels came a swell of people who appreciate the subtleties and mystery of whiskey. Both men and women are ordering Old Fashioned Cocktails, and most restaurants have perfected a signature version of the cocktail. As with craft beer, your apprecianado will likely have preferences that may be difficult to keep up with, but here are a few ideas to help you find just the right gift.

Many of these gifts can serve as party favors or stocking stuffers for smaller gifts.

  1. Whiskey glasses: Usually appropriate for whiskey, scotch, or bourbon, and potentially other spirits, a heavy-bottomed whiskey glass can be welcome to any collection. You can pick something classic, or a little more unique.
  2. Bitters
  3. Luxardo Cherries for the Old Fashioned cocktail
  4. Whiskey Ice Balls
  5. Decanter
  6. A set of whiskey stones: These cool the drink without melting and diluting the drink.
  7. Another glass option, the  elegant glencairn whiskey glass
  8. Oak barrel infusion spiral
  9. A flight
  10. Bourbon Pecan Pie Filling
  11. Bourbon infused lip balm
  12. Whiskey barrel aged coffee
  13. Vanilla Cedar scented candle 
  14. Buy them a bottle! Whistlepig is a good rye whiskey
  15. Pop Chart Lab Whiskey Poster


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