summer activity splash pad

Summer Water Toy Gifts for Backyard Water Fun

These water toys can give hours of entertainment to kids during summer break, or perhaps as an enhancement to a summer family gathering. Everyone will feel indulged, including the parents!

Many of these are great to gift again each year, making receiving this care package an anticipated yearly tradition.

  1. Water rafts for each child
  2. Plunger squirt guns
  3. Popsicle molds for homemade frozen treats; for extra brownie points, include some Simply Lemonade so they can be filled right away.
  4. Slip and slide like this baseball diamond
  5. New pool goggles
  6. New Beach towels
  7. Trampoline Waterpark for kids with a trampoline
  8. For Tinies: Water activities table
  9. Season passes to a local waterpark: Don’t forget to check for municipal waterparks or aquatic centers that are a bit smaller. They may not have the huge slides and stunts, but have less hassle parking, are designed to serve the immediate community, and may be more budget friendly.
  10. Waterproof bag for keys and electronics
  11. BONUS Parent Gift: A cool new pool bag

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