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Summer Creations Kit for Kids

Kids Mosaic ActivityThere are so many great reasons to give a care package. Care packages of course feel like gifts, but can be so much more practical, having delightful groupings of seemingly ordinary things.

The genius in the Summer Creations Kit for Kids is that it hits on so many of the components of being a great gift. It spotlights the completion of the school year and the start of summer; it enhances the experience of parents, caregivers, and children; it affirms the creativity of anyone who uses it; and it brings repeated opportunities for delight. All four attributes of a great gift are covered!


Here are examples of items you can select for your Summer Creations Kit for Kids:

  1. Containers including craft organizer boxes, and canisters, or quart mason jars are great. You may want to choose a few options to place inside a shelf.
  2. Hot glue guns. Yes, I know they can burn little fingers, but children from about six years on up with an orientation and a little supervision can use these and have a great time creating with them. Hot glue guns also glue and dry very fast so they can create and complete at a faster rate. If you go ahead and get two, you may eliminate arguments.
  3. Smaller size scissors for little hands. Again – with some orientation, and a few bandaids on hand for lessons learned the hard way, your kids should be safe!
  4. Popsicle sticks of various widths and colors
  5. Pipe cleaners
  6. Puff balls of all kinds of sizes and colors
  7. Googly eyes of all different colors
  8. Craft feathers
  9. Craft string
  10. Beads of various colors and sizes for stringing
  11. Crayons for coloring
  12. FIne point markers
  13. Rulers
  14. Painter’s tape
  15. Marbles
  16. TIP: Painter’s tape, marbles, and empty paper towel rolls make great marble runs!
  17. Construction paper – this would be really great to store in a desktop paper holder
  18. Another really cute idea is a way to display decorations from the ceiling using fishing line and small hooks.

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