dorm supplies

Setting up a New Dorm Room

Whether your teen is going to a campus based sports camp or science camp, or you are sending your child or friend to college for the first time, these helpful gifts can make the move much more fun.

  1. Shower caddy with toiletries – we think this softside caddy might be easier to store.
  2. Shower flip flops
  3. Towels, Washcloths, and Hand towel
  4. Power strip/surge protector
  5. Gift cards for surrounding restaurants so they can treat their friends (this will take a little research or you can use common chain restaurants)
  6. Painter’s tape to hang posters on dorm room walls
  7. Flashlight
  8. Portable Bluetooth speaker
  9. Portable battery charger for mobile devices
  10. Room deodorizer appliance or spray
  11. New set of sheets
  12. Memory foam mattress topper
  13. Comforter or quilt
  14. Nice closet hangers
  15. Laundry basket
  16. Laundry supplies
  17. Quarters for laundry – yes, apparently this is still a thing.
  18. Feel Better Box


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