pens and composition notebook

Gifts for Writers

Adult coloring bookDeciding on gifts for creative people can be a bit of a giving land mine. Your gift will need to take a little risk, and have lots of insight.

Our feeling is that writers probably receive lots of coffee mugs. This list of gift ideas for writers will give you new inspiration.

  1. Find a wonderful phrase they have written, type it up nicely, and have it printed into a beautiful wall canvas
  2. Vintage typewriter fridge magnets
  3. Ghost story dice
  4. Craft tea and strainer
  5. The Olivetti Pattern Series Notecards and Envelopes
  6. Tea towel with Agatha Christie quote
  7. Quill lapel pin
  8. Vintage typewriter scarf
  9. Pen cufflinks
  10. Quotation mark earrings
  11. Bullet journal
  12. Fountain pen and ink
  13. Page nibs
  14. Magnetic Poetry Kit
  15. Sherlock Holmes mini book beverage charms
  16. Leather messenger bag
  17. First Edition of a Favorite Book
  18. Noise-cancelling headphones Be sure to check for either iPhone or Android compatibility.
  19. Pendleton blanket
  20. Pop Chart Lab 100 Essential Novels Scratch off chart

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