Gifts for People Who Love Lavender

For people who love lavender. They just know. This intoxicating aroma brings rest and rejuvenation, and as a flavor adds a bewitching note to lemonade, crafted cocktails, and savory favorites.

You can use this list many times to add to a travel based care package for people who plan to travel to one of many areas known for lavender including Sequim Washington State, and Provence in France.

Lavender is also a thoughtful gift component for comforting anyone dealing with stress, or for parents of new babies. Eat, drink, and breathe lavender!

  1. Lavender essential oil
  2. Lavender scented candles
  3. Lavender detergent and cleaning supplies
  4. Heirloom lavender seeds for gardeners
  5. Lavender sachet
  6. Lavender scented drawer liners
  7. Culinary lavender for cooking
  8. Lavender simple syrup
  9. Lavender infused soap
  10. Lavender infused lip balm

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