Ginny Mules Rockygrass Band Contest Finalist

Gifts for Fans of Music Festivals

32 million people in the United States attend music festivals, nearly half of them between the ages of 25 and 35. Pack their Subaru with selections from this list of gift ideas for music festival goers.

Photo: The Ginny Mules credit Riley Ann

  1. Tent Canopy shelter for protection from bugs, sun, and gentle rain for day trips
  2. Pop up tent for overnights
  3. Camping hammock
  4. Indoor Outdoor Weather Resistant Camping Rug or this waterproof gear from Tarpestry
  5. Camping chairs
  6. LED Lantern
  7. Solar powered LED lights
  8. Sleeping mats
  9. Sleeping bags – try this one for couples!
  10. Pillow
  11. Wilderness bath wipes
  12. Dry shampoo
  13. Sunscreen
  14. Pendleton camp throw
  15. Clif bars
  16. Thermal insulated growler
  17. Multi-tool
  18. Eating tool
  19. Travel guitar for campfire singing after the stage is empty
  20. Song book 1 and Song book 2

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