Fourth Anniversary Gift Picks: Fruit, Flowers

The fourth anniversary gifts are all about being full of life, vitality, and being fruitful. This is an anniversary to celebrate all of the sexiness of fruit and flowers.

  1. Large beautiful fruit bowl filled with fruit
  2. Rose bowl centerpiece
  3. Chocolate covered fruit
  4. Floral fit and flare dress
  5. Floral necklace
  6. Floral scarf
  7. “Apple” products like an iphone, macbook pro, or an ipad, itv
  8. Apple scented candle
  9. Champagne
  10. Moonshine soaked cherries
  11. Home baked fruit pie in a beautiful new pie pan
  12. Pineapple dress socks
  13. Fresh cut flowers
  14. Heirloom wildflower seeds
  15. Fourth anniversary trip themed around fruit or flowers: Lavender Festival in Sequim, Washington, Wine Tour of the Willamette Valley, or a trip to see the tulips in bloom in Holland.
  16. Anniversary portrait shoot in a local botanical or floral showcase garden
  17. Planted rose bushes, fruit plants, or trees in your garden

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