First Anniversary Gift Ideas : Paper

While traditions can sometimes seem outdated, Anniversary Gifts can be a fantastic opportunity to delight your mate and show how much you love them. Here are a few of our favorite options for 2017 meant to inspire you on honoring your first year together.

  1. Event tickets: This could mean that you purchase tickets to attend an event together, or perhaps you could present ticket stubs from the first event you attended together. You could mount them in a frame with gorgeous paper backing.
  2. Travel tickets: Purchase tickets for a trip or present ticket stubs or paper boarding passes you saved from your honeymoon.
  3. Artwork: Present a framed water color or drawing from your mate’s favorite artist, or stroll through the local arts festivals for something that can mark a spot in your home and spotlight this milestone for years to come.
  4. Instagram photo book
  5. Katazome paper postcards: This beautiful Japanese style pressed paper brings the potential for how beautiful paper can be.
  6. Celebrity autographed paper: Whether a vinyl cover from a favorite jazz musician, a classic first edition book autographed by the author, or even an autographed scrap of paper from an appearance, a collectible may be the most delightful way you can highlight your year together.
  7. Unusual Stationery
  8. Unique Journal to mark the year
  9. Customized map art for the city where you met, live, or love
  10. Frame a collage of all of your favorite photos and clippings from your first year together.

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