Care Packages: Car Road Trip with Kids

Whether well-wishing your friends moving cross country, or giving a gift to boost excitement for a summer cross-country road trip, you will be thanked time and again for a well selected road trip care package.


These gifts are selected for being space conscious and engaging during road trips.

  1. Car Snacks kit:
    1. Clif Organic Z Bars Chocolate and Oatmeal are yummy and great for replenishing healthy calories.
    2. Pirate Booty
    3. Packets of nuts
    4. Insulated soft-sided bag for fresh fruit at hand
    5. Cold packs
    6. Water bottles – consider an attachable handle to hang your water bottle over captain chair armrests
  2. Travel-size games like “Guess Who” and “Battleship” are small and provide great interaction.
  3. Headphones or earbuds for every passenger
  4. Kindle Fire: Load this tablet with well selected apps and you will save space on the journey. Books are covered with the integration of Amazon books. The built in camera allows you to suggest some photo documentation of the trip by tinies via a “Photo Scavenger Hunt” or a video documentary.
    1. Bonus future gift opportunity: If you get a chance to see the photos taken on the trip, it gives you a chance to print and frame photos to give as a reminder keepsake of their past trip, create a photobook from a service like Snapfish, or gift a beautiful photo tile from
  5. Though this is free, suggested podcasts like BrainsOn exercise curious minds while the miles tick by either on your provided Kindle Fire or over bluetooth on your mobile device.
  6. Spotify playlist: The gift of a Spotify subscription and the creation of a playlist or suggestion of existing playlists can add a memorable musical component to the trip
  7. Travel kits for kids: Load a cute travel bag with kid-friendly toiletries to help make daily routines special.
  8. Passport to the National Parks
  9. Gift a portable Wi-Fi hotspot and subscription
  10. Adventure bag for kids

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