birthday cake

The reason some gifts take the cake…

cute wrapping paperThere is a reason that some people give superior gifts. The makes giving the right gift something that intuitively integrates into and elevates a connection with the one you love. Relationships can pivot on the perfect gift.

While this art of gift giving can seem mysterious, Read here about the post that started it all, as with many skills, it can be improved. Here at, our selections follow this set of standards that will improve how your gift is received, no matter how little or how much you spent:

Enhance A thoughtful gift will enhance a person’s decisions, hobby, or plans. Your gift follows your friend’s or loved one’s lead. If they make a decision to go on a road trip? Your gift of a Road Trip Care Package gives their decision an enhanced experience made possible by your fantastic gift decision.

Delight A gift just outside of the interest can surprise recipients by leading them to discover something they weren’t looking for. This happens when your sister bought you a unique wallet that you use for years and receive compliments on it every time you use it; or when you give your beard lover a poster of the taxonomy of wrestler names. While this dimension of gift giving takes the most risk and requires the most skill, these rare gems are remembered for life.

Spotlight Your gift can make moments memorable and magical. Sometimes the space around big occasions can be crowded, but making a move to celebrate something important to the recipient, yet likely overlooked, can stand for years as a stone of remembrance.

Affirm All gifts should show that you have noticed something about the recipient that may not have been spoken, yet validates their ideas, interests, and decisions. Your gift shows them that you truly see them.

We hope you enjoy exploring ways to make your relationship connections better, and that you have a great time bringing smiles every time you give a great gift.


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